2018 Blade Show

Meet the BLADE Magazine team- Steve Shackleford

Steve Shackleford, Editor of BLADE Magazine, started in 1985 with the company and has now been with us for 33 years. When it comes to knowing knife facts, people in the biz and an overall knowledge of the industry, Shack is your go-to-guy! We asked him, why he loves BLADE Show so much, and here is what he said….

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Les Robertson- Robertson’s Custom Cutlery/BLADE field editor

Is a Custom Knife Dealer/Purveyor For You? Room 109 9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m: How collectors and makers can benefit from, and avoid problems in, their relationships with dealers/purveyors, with dealer/purveyor Les Robertson. _____________ Roberston’s Cutlery Facebook RobertsonCustomCutlery.com  About Les I have been involved in custom knives in one way or another for the last 36 years.…

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