Learn from the legends at BLADE University! Back for its fourth year, BLADE U offers exciting and intensive knife education taught by the industry’s best. Improve your craftsmanship and deepen your knife know-how.

ABS Series: $100
Includes all 4 classes!

BLADE U Classes: $25 each
Purchase 3 to save $10! (excludes ABS Series)


Knives the ABS Way | Room 104 and/or the Courtyard

  • How To Checker Knife Handles, with ABS master smith Timothy Potier
  • 10am - 11:30am
  • How to Design A Purpose-Built Knife and How to Etch & Polish a Damascus Blade, with ABS master smith Jim Rodebaugh
  • 12:30pm - 2pm
  • How To Make a Brut de Forge Knife, with ABS master smith Joe Keeslar
  • 2:15pm - 4:15pm
  • How To Make a Pipe Tomahawk, with ABS journeyman smith Butch Sheely
  • 4:30pm - 5:30pm

FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2017

How To Filework Knives, with ABS master smith/BLADE® field editor Joe Szilaski
8:30am - 9:30am | Room 109 
How to filework the liners and backbar of a folder, and how to make it all match up.

How To Grind a Knife Blade - Part I, with knifemaker Tom Krein
8:30am - 9:30am | Room 107 
Proper tools, safety gear, and tips.

How To Grind a Knife Blade - Part II, with knifemaker Tom Krein
9:45am - 10:45am | The Courtyard 
How to prepare the blade for grinding, how to begin the grind, and more.

How To Grind a Knife Blade - Part III, with knifemaker Tom Krein
11am - 12pm | The Courtyard 
How to do assorted grinds, grinder ergonomics, and more.

Steel: The Heart of the Knife, with knifemaker/BLADE field editor Abe Elias
10:30am - 12pm | Room 107 
How steel is made, blade geometry, edge retention, and more.

How To Make a Throwing Knife With Simple Tools, with ABS master smith Wally Hayes
12:30pm - 1:45pm | Room 104 
How to design, make and heat treat a throwing knife.

The Best Edge for The Job, with knifemaker/BLADE field editor Abe Elias
2pm - 3:15pm | Room 107 
How to choose the most efficient types of blade edges for various cutting tasks.

How To Design a Slip Joint, with ABS master smith Steve Culver
3:30pm - 4:45pm | Room 109 
Learn a fail-proof method for a slip joint that will always work correctly.

What to Look For in a Blade Steel, with Bob Skibitski of Niagara Specialty Metals
5pm - 6:15pm | Room 107 
CPM vs. air-melt steels, properties of various elements and why you can or can’t add certain ones, heat treating and more.


Knifemaking for Kids, with Jason Brous
8:30am - 9:30am | Room 107 
How to get started, equipment, tools, materials and more.

How To Make Custom Scissors, with knifemaker Grace Horne of Sheffield, England
9:45am - 10:45am | Room 107 
Learn the subtleties and secrets of making scissors, including the pivot, twist and curve of the blades, heat treating and more.

How To Do The Japanese Handle Wrap - Part I, with swordsmith Wally Hostetter
9:45am - 10:45am | Room 109 
The proper Japanese method of tsuka maki — the wrapping of a tsuka (handle).

How To Do The Japanese Handle Wrap - Part II, with swordsmith Wally Hostetter 
11am - 12pm | Room 109 
Wally Hostetter concludes his two-part class on tsuka maki.

How To Color-Case-Harden Knife Parts, with knifemaker Les George
11am - 12:15pm | Room 104 
Learn the process of adding a multi-colored hard surface to mild steel for use in various knife parts.

How To Give Damascus Blades Chatoyance, with ABS journeyman smith Brian Thie
12:30pm - 1:45pm | Room 104 
Learn the keys to giving damascus the almost mirror-polished look called chatoyance without the mirror polish.

How To Make the Best Stag Handle, with ABS master smith David Lisch
2pm - 3:15pm | Room 109 
Learn how to select and dry bed stag, how to index the parts and more.

How to Price Custom Knives, with Johnny Stout
2pm - 3:15pm | Room 104 
Learn how to price custom knives from a maker who has done it for years.

Draw It, Grind It, Sharpen It with L.T. Wright of L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives
3:30pm - 4:45pm | Room 109 
Learn how to make a knife, including examples of how knives look in various stages of completion.


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