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Video Description: Eric (from Outer Limitless) and Carlos (from Daily Carry Solutions) pulled off a MASSIVE tag-team and got some amazing coverage of Blade Show 2019 for you. Stay Tuned for awesome coverage that spans all 3 days from Blade ’19 Today we have a video that is more like a part 2, continuing off from last year’s visit to Pathfinder Knife Shop – this time with none other than Dave Canterbury in front of the camera! Pathfinder Knife Shop is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has truly carved a name for themselves in both the Bushcraft and Survivalist community alike. Dave Canterbury is an accomplished author and survival instructor who truly believes in the right tools for the job. His knives, complete with their “Dirty by Design” finish are ready to be used straight out of the forge, and he goes into detail about the thought process behind each and every knife on the Blade Show table. Dave also talks about the anti-poaching team C.R.O.W. (Conservation Ranger Operations Worldwide) and a limited edition production made just for their cause. If you want bright and shiny, buy a signal mirror – These are tools that work! Dave also signs volume 2 of his book for Eric, who is collecting his series! Be sure to check out more at Self Reliance Outfitters and make sure to check out Dave Canterbury’s channel as some BIG things are coming in the near future!