Onsite Reminders


BLADE Show is finally here and we wanted to give you a few reminders to help you make the most of this year’s show. If you have any additional questions, please visit the FAQ page on the website.  

Parking: The Cobb Galleria has changed their parking price to $5 for the day. They now only accept credit card. The CKP parking lot that is across the street from the Waverly is now $10 for parking. Please plan ahead for that additional cost.

Show Hours: CLICK HERE for registration and show hours. 

BLADE University: If you weren’t able to grab your seat in a BLADE U class before online registration closed, we’ve got you covered. Head over to the registration desk when you get onsite, and you can purchase your ticket there. View full CLASS LIST. 

Line Times: Early Bird ticket holders can begin to line-up to enter the show at 7am. VIP will have a separate line and be able to begin to line-up at 10am. There will be signs pointing you where to go. General admission can begin to line-up at 1pm. 

Registration Location: Will Call location has changed from last year. All Will Call and general admission sales will now be located outside the John A. Williams Ballroom. Please look for directional signs. 

Floor Plan: Save some time and map out what booths/tables you want to hit up before you get onsite. CLICK HERE to download the floor plan and HERE to get our full exhibitor list. 

Free Demos: BLADE Show has a ton of free demos on Saturday that are included in your ticket purchase. Check out the full list and mark down which ones you want to attend.  

Exhibitor Happenings: Want to know which exhibitors will be featuring new products, giving great deals, or announcing giveaways during the show? Check out our exhibitor happenings page and mark down who you want to see once you get onsite. 

Social Media: Don’t forget to tag us in your posts while you’re onsite. Use #BLADEShow18.

Conceal and Carry Law: Georgia law provides for the owners of government buildings to use security personnel to restrict or screen ingress into a government building preventing weapons from being brought into government buildings.  (O. C. G. A. section 16-11-127).   Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre (the “CEPAC”), Galleria Specialty Shops (the “GSS), and Cobb Galleria Centre (the “CGC”) are government buildings within the meaning of Georgia law [O. C. G. A. section 16-11-127 (2)].

The General Manager of the Cobb-Marietta Coliseum & Exhibit Hall Authority is authorized to determine when security personnel shall be employed to restrict or screen ingress into the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, the Cobb Galleria Centre, and the Galleria Specialty Shops.  The General Manager shall have the sole discretion to determine which events and which locations within the governmental buildings shall have ingress restricted or screened by security personnel and may delegate that authority to the Managing Director and Assistant General Manager.  Events to be restricted or screened shall be marked with signs informing the public that no weapons are allowed in those areas, and such areas shall have security personnel restricting or screening ingress into the areas. 

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