Nick Rossi with New England School of Metalwork

Nick Rossi has been making knives since 1999. Inspired by Maine’s outdoor heritage and movies like Rambo and The Princess Bride, Nick became fascinated with knives and swords at a young age. At the age of 15, he was lucky enough to find a job in the largest cutlery store in the Northeast. Introduced to all sorts of knives, knife users and generous local knife makers he started on his path to creating his own handmade knives. Nick first taught at the New England School of Metalwork in 2007 and became a regular instructor. In 2011 he became a full time employee of NESM and is currently the resident bladesmith instructor and bladesmithing program coordinator where he teaches 16-18  bladesmithing workshops a year. Nick has appeared in Downeast Magazine, Tactical Knives and Blade Magazine. He is a juried Maine Craft Association artist and has spoken and demonstrated at New England Bladesmith Symposium and the Ashokan Bladesmith Seminar. Nick has his Journeyman Smith rating with the American Bladesmith Society and a member of the New England Bladesmith Guild. He operates Rossi Knives out of his studio located in Portland, Maine.

 “My goal is to make fresh, contemporary, highly functional tools by traditional means. What appeals to be about bladesmithing are the limitations that are naturally imposed both in material and design. Tool steel is a difficult material to bend to one’s will. There are only so many ways to embellish a kitchen knife before its function is affected. These limitations push the smith to always be innovative; always pushing the boundaries of form and function. I draw inspiration from traditional knives of Southeast Asia, Japan, Scandinavia and contemporary American custom knives.” 


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