Michael Sort Mouritsen- Raffir

The Raffir® brand is founded in Denmark by Jacob Schou Madsen & Michael Sort Mouritsen (Raffir ApS). The main idea of the company is to supply standardised resin treated materials for high-grade products in various industries. We have more than 10 years of experience in resin treatment of natural materials, and we have a lot of experience with different resins. This has resulted in the development of our own compounds of thermoset resins specialized for their purpose.

Michael will be talking about Properties of Raffir Material.

Gun industry clients: 
Sig Sauer 
Cabot Gun 
Night Hawk 
Knife industry clients: 
William Henry 
Chris Reves 
Puma Knives 
Claude Dozorme 
Forge de lagouile 
Phoenix knives 
Gaston Knives


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