Meet the BLADE Magazine team- Steve Shackleford

Steve Shackleford, Editor of BLADE Magazine, started in 1985 with the company and has now been with us for 33 years. When it comes to knowing knife facts, people in the biz and an overall knowledge of the industry, Shack is your go-to-guy! We asked him, why he loves BLADE Show so much, and here is what he said….

“I love BLADE Show because it’s so many things to so many people. It’s more than just knives—though the world’s best knives and makers of same make it a point to be there—it’s the joy of seeing old friends and making new ones, of watching the wonder and joy on people’s faces as they see a new knife, their favorite old ones and their favorite makers and friends, of attending and seeing the various events connected with BLADE University and the free BLADE Show demos. It’s seeing the BLADE Magazine Knives Of The Year®, the BLADE Show custom knife winners, the new knives all the exhibitors display at the show, the collections, the various knife accessories and more. It’s seeing young people and old celebrate their favorite tool, coming together during the show and after hours in The Pit of the show’s host hotel, the Renaissance-Waverly, to catch up and compare knives. It’s three days of the most knife fun anywhere—and we get to do it every year. In fact, I can’t wait. Is it show time yet?!” 

Pictured is one of Shack’s favorite knives. “I’m a big fan of the knives of Bill Moran. It’s hard to pick just one, though. One of my favorites by him is his 50-Year Knife.”

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