Lawrence Ho, BRS Co-founder

Lawrence Ho is co-founder of BRS (Bladerunners Systems).
He has been a large proponent of the promotion of the art
and sport of balisong manipulation.  Lawrence has not only
been an active member of the knife and balisong community,
but also a pioneer in creating competition dynamics.  He has
worked alongside BladeHQ to create the Balicomp Balisong
competition held annually at Blade Show.  He is also known
to have created many of the tricks and techniques used in
modern day flipping.
As head designer of the current BRS balisongs, Lawrence
understands the attributes that make a balisong perform at
the highest level.  Blade Show is his favorite event to engage
with the knife community and express his enthusiasm for balisongs
and all knives alike.

Tricks, Tips and Flips with Balisongs, Room 104

4 p.m.-5 p.m: Learn the history of balisong/butterfly knives, the knife’s anatomy and how to flip like a pro, with Blade HQ’s Ben Petersen and BRS co-founder Lawrence Ho
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