Jordan Lamothe, “Forged in Fire” Champion

Michael Price Guards on Forged Full-Tangs, Room 104

11 a.m.-12 p.m: The steps and considerations necessary, including forging the preform, setup grinding, guard slotting and tang forging, with ABS journeyman smith Jordan LaMothe

About Jordan

Jordan LaMothe began pursuing his interest in blacksmithing at age 14, taking a class, reading books, and setting up his own forge in his parents’ barn. His interest in making hand tools led him to make his first knife two years later, and knives quickly became his primary focus. After receiving his B.A. in music from Williams College in 2017, Jordan began bladesmithing full-time. He makes a wide variety of knives and swords, from “user” knives for the kitchen and field to presentation pieces. He also teaches knife-making classes at several craft schools in the Northeast. Jordan holds the Journeyman Smith ranking in the American Bladesmith Society, and was a champion on History Channel’s bladesmithing competition Forged in Fire, season 4, episode 7.

Connect with Jordan
Instagram: @JordanLamontheBlades

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