Class: Forged: Why Would You Forge? Going from Zero to Hero
Friday, Room 104, 1:00-2:00pm
Master Blade smith Jason Knight will discuss why to forge, where to begin, and how to level up. Classes are $25 Each. Learn more about Blade University by clicking here.



Jason Knight’s passion for knives developed at a young age while growing up in the hinterlands of Charleston, South Carolina. He was inspired as a child by stories that his father read to him by Edgar Rice Boroughs, costumes his mother made him, and backyard adventures through the brush with old knives and machetes. His passion led him to attend the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing in Old Washington, Arkansas, in 2001, where he trained under Master Bladesmith Jay Hendrickson.

Jason turned his childhood passion into a 20-year career in bladesmithing. In 2007, he received his ABS Mastersmith rating along with the B.R. Hughes Award for the best knife by a Mastersmith candidate. His technique and recognizable style have made his blades some of the most sought after in the industry. Jason currently resides in East Tennessee with his wife and two children.