Dexter Ewing, Professional Knife Sharpener/ BLADE Field Editor

Class: How To Sharpen Super Steels
When: Friday, June 5th,1:30-2:30 PM

With the popularity of super steels CPM S30V, S35VN, 20CV and others in the knife market, people are learning how difficult they can be to sharpen. BLADE® field editor Dexter Ewing will show you which sharpeners to use and how to use them so your blades of such steels will be ready to cut most anything.

Class: Hands On Knife Sharpening Work Shop
When: Saturday, June 6th, 2:15-3:15 PM

What happens when a knife gets dull? How do you know when to sharpen it? Bring your own knife or borrow a demo model and learn the progression of shaping a bevel, sharpening and edge maintenance from BLADE® field editor Dexter Ewing. You will get hands-on practice and experience sharpening your blade using a variety of sharpeners and abrasives, from whetstones to belts.

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Dexter Ewing brings a host of experience in sharpening. His list of attributes include:
-Over 25 years experience as a knife enthusiast/collector
– 25 years working in the knife industry writing about knives. Over 20 of those years spent
writing for knife magazines such as Knives Illustrated and BLADE Magazine.
– Currently serves as Field Editor for BLADE Magazine, focusing on articles relating to
sharpening, factory knife trends, knife technology, and knife evaluations. He has served
this role for close to 20 years.
– Member of Work Sharp Pro Staff – field consultant for the company in providing editorial
content relating to sharpening for the company’s website. See
– Instructed the inaugural “How To Sharpen Any Knife” BLADE University seminar at the
2018 BLADE Show in Atlanta, GA. He has been invited back to teach the same seminar
again at the 2019 BLADE Show
– Recommended by –
– Began Winston-Salem Knife Sharpening in the summer of 2014 with the intent of
providing high quality and professional sharpening service to his community.
– Winston-Salem Knife Sharpening is supported in part by Work Sharp.
– Can expediently sharpen any type of knife and most cutting tools
-Knowledgeable on the various grades of steel used for knives in general. He has
experience sharpening blades made of the more wear resistant alloys found in high end
outdoor and tactical knives.
– Also specializes in sharpening for the medical research field, with some surgical tools.

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