Dexter Ewing- professional knife sharpener/BLADE field editor

Born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC, BLADE Field Editor Dexter Ewing’s journey into knife collecting began in 1992.  A couple years later he decided it was time to learn how to properly sharpen his knives, and set out to learn.  After acquiring a sharpening kit that takes the guesswork out of maintaining the proper edge angle, he soon discovered that the process of knife sharpening was one that was interesting and quite enjoyable.  Something of which he derived pleasure from and from then on he was not only hooked more onto the knife hobby but also with knife sharpening.  “Sharpening is one of the activities one can do that offers almost instant gratification and results with minimal time investment,” he says.  “In a multi-tasking world, knife sharpening allows you to focus on one thing at a time which is both refreshing and a necessity”.  It wasn’t until 2014 that he finally decided to offer his services to the general public in need for knife and tool sharpening.  It was then he began Winston-Salem Knife Sharpening, a knife & tool sharpening service he runs from his residence.  He services customers in his metro area with sharpening of kitchen knives, pocket knives, yard tools, scissors, and anything else that can and needs to be sharpened. 

Ewing also is an accomplished knife writer, his first article published in the December 1997 issue of Knives Illustrated Magazine.  Around 2001 he began writing for BLADE Magazine, in which he currently serves as Field Editor.  His primary focus is production knives and trends therein, as well as sharpening equipment and techniques.  Like sharpening, Ewing finds the creative process of writing to be therapeutic and highly enjoyable.  “Sharpening – like writing – is a creative process too in that you are molding and sculpting the final edge to razor sharpness.  There’s an art and science to both writing and sharpening”.  In the BLADE University sharpening seminar, Ewing will share his approach to sharpening, and how he’s been able to transition it from a hobby into a successful side business. 

To date, Ewing has been in attendance for every BLADE Show since 1998, never missing a year.  At the 2018 BLADE Show, he is excited to not only attend once again but actually be a part of the show experience for many by instructing the BLADE University seminar on sharpening.  Ewing hopes to share the knowledge and enthusiasm gained through his years of sharpening with those who are eager to learn as well as those looking for new tips and tricks to add to their repertoire.  Make plans now to attend his seminar at BLADE University!

BLADE Field Editor / Owner-Operator of Winston-Salem Knife Sharpening


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