Craig Camerer- ABS journeyman smith

Craig Camerer grew up on a farm and ranch in rural Illinois.  As a child he spent a lot of time outdoors. Craig was constantly hiking the pastures, going to the creek, riding motorcycles or horses and I always had a knife with me.  From an early age putting a knife in his pocket or on his belt was just part of getting dressed.  As he grew up his love for the outdoors continued.  Craig also found that he liked to customize and build his own equipment. He was introduced to formal metal and wood working in High School. 

“I had a wonderful shop teacher who allowed me to explore my creative interest in metal and wood. When I graduated high school, I worked in the construction industry. In my early twenties I started attending college business classes in the evenings. When I received my associate degree my career shifted gears and I started working in a business environment. During this time, I continued with my classes in the evening until I received my MBA. I had also been dabbling in making knives and in 2000 I began to get serious with my knifemaking.  I opened my company Camerer Knives. I joined the American Bladesmith Society and the Professional Knifemakers Association.  In 2004, I received my Journeyman Smith stamp from the ABS. Knifemaking has grown into a passion for me it is a creative outlet and allows me to express myself in my work.”    

  • Craig Camerer, President of Camerer Knives Inc.
  • My clients who carry my knives are Blade HQ, GP Knives, Knife Center , Prometheus Design Werx and PVK Vegas
  • JS Smith rating with the American Bladesmith Society, MBA
  • Forged in Fire Champion season 2 episode 1
  • My work has been featured in Blade Magazine Knives Illustrated, Knife Magazine and Knives Annual
  • I have previously demonstrated at the BAM conference, the IVBA and at the annual Camerer Knives Open Shop Event
  • Promoter of The Denver Knife Show


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