Bill Burke- ABS Master Smith

Bill’s passion for knife making was kindled at an early age. His father occasionally made knives and he attempted to copy this. Being only four or five years old he had little chance of actually making anything but this made the spark for what would become the flame of my knife forging career. Now after nearly twenty years of forging knives Bill has barely scratched the surface of knife making possibilities.

“I started making knife seriously in 1998, making mostly hunters. In 2002 I sold my first kitchen knives. I received my JS stamp from the ABS in 2003 and became a full time maker that same year.  I earned an ABS Master Smith rating in 2008.  Currently I make hunters, Bowies, swords, tomahawks, folders and Kitchen cutlery. Most of my kitchen knive are of Japanese style.  I forge my own Damascus and san mai steel, for my knives and also use 52100, W2 carbon steel as well as AEB-L and sg-2 stainless steels.”


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