Abe Elias- knifemaker/Blade Field Editor

Abe Elias has been interested in the outdoors since he was a young boy and got his introduction to camping through scouting. An avid knife collector he started collecting at the age of ten. Over the years Abe’s hobbies and work have given him the opportunity to appreciate tool design and  the outdoors. Having worked in the automotive manufacturing sector he was a custom  to working with tools dally. Abe is also a traditional  wood worker and works with hand tools. Amongst other things Abe is a wilderness tripping instructor, Scouting wood craft instructor and hunter.

 Abe has been writing on knives, guns and survival for a number of years. Currently  he is a contributing writer for a number of publications in the knife and gun industry. Abe also the owns Diving Sparrow Knife works of which he is the craftsmen. He currently has a number of designs licensed to various companies.


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