The Blade Show 2015

Experience the world’s largest knife show and ultimate blade shopping experience. With more than 300 booths, thousands of products and nearly 700 tables showcasing custom knives and knife-related products, you’ll need all three days to explore it all.

Collectors and blade enthusiasts can find the best knives and sharpest seminars all under one roof. Plus, BLADE University returns with your chance to learn from the legends—all at BLADE Show 2015!

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world's largest knife show, ultimate blade shopping experience, knife collectors and blade enthusiasts, blade university

BLADE Show Floor

BLADE Show is the world’s largest knife show for a reason. This is where knife enthusiasts converge every year to find the best knives—and the biggest selection.

Our list of 2015 exhibitors is growing daily, so check back often to plan your BLADE buying strategy!


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Blade University

BLADE University returns for its second year, bringing you the finest in knife education. Learn about the art of the craft from renowned experts and legendary makers in info-packed sessions!


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Who's Exhibiting in 2015?

  1. 4Sevens
    5.11 Tactical
    A.G. Russell Knives
    Al Mar Knives
    Alabama Damascus Steel
    Alabama Damascus Steel
    Allen Elishewitz/ Peter Carey
    Alpha Knife Supply
    American Knife & Tool Institute
    American Tactical Apparel and Knives
    Anglesey LLC
    Antonini Knives USA
    Attleboro Knives
    Bad Dog Tools
    Badger Blades
    Bastion LLC
    Battle Horse Knives
    Bear & Son Cutlery
    Begg Knives
    Behring Made Knives
    Benchmade Knife Co.
    Blade Art
    Blade-Tech Industries
    Blue Grass Cutlery, Inc/S&D Enterprises
    Blue Line Gear
    Boker USA
    Bradford Knives
    Brend Knife Co
    Brous Blades
    Browning Knives
    Buchanan, Thad and Zac
    Buck Knives
    Burke Knives/NC Blades
    Burr King Mfg., Co
    Busse Combat Knives
    Canal Street Cutlery
    Carpenter Technology Corporation
    CAS Iberia
    Chavez Knives
    Chris Reeve Knives
    Coast Products
    Collectibles Insurance Services
    Colonial Knife Corp
    Combative Edge
    Condor Tool & Knife
    Conquest Tactical
    Crusader Forge
    CSSD/SC Knives & Training
    Culpepper & Co
    Custom Knife Collectors Association
    Cutco Cutlery
    Dalian king-Long Artcrafts & Blades Co. Ltd
    Darrel Ralph Designs
    Diskin USA
    DMT-Diamond Machining Technology
    Dogwood Custom Knives
    Dozier Knives
    DPx Gear, Inc.
    Due Buoi Italian Cutlery
    EM Gear
    Emerson Knives
    Entrek USA
    ESEE Knives
    Evenheat Kiln Inc
    Exotac, Inc
    EZE LAP Diamond Products
    Famars USA
    Fantoni Knives
    Fenix Flashlights
    Ferrum Forge Knife Works, Inc
    Fields Ancient Ivory
    Flitz International Ltd
    Forrest Case Company
    Fox Knives USA, LLC
    Freeman Outdoor Gear LLC
    Gaston J. Glock Style LP
    GATCO Sharpeners
    George Knives
    Gerstner & Sons
    Gingrich Tactical Innovations
    Going Gear
    GP Knives
    Graham Knives/Andy Fitz
    Granville Sales/ Martin Knives
    Great Eastern Cutlery
    GRS Tools/Glendo LLC
    GTC Knives/Terzuola
    Guardian Tactical
    Habilis Bushtools
    Hafner Worldwide Inc.
    Hagen Steel
    Hall Sharpening Stones, a RH Preeyda Co.
    Hall, Bill
    Hallmark Cutlery
    Halpern Titanium
    Hammer Stahl
    Hardcore Hardware Australia
    Hartsook/ Williams
    Helle Knives
    Higgins & Peak Fine Knives
    Hogue Tool & Machine
    Index Fasteners, Inc
    J.A. Harkins HHK
    Jantz Supply
    JMD International. LLC
    Ka-Bar Knives
    Ken Onion Culinary Designs USA
    Kershaw Knives-Zero Tolerance
    Kirinite USA
    Kitchen Craft
    Kizer Cutlery
    Klecker Knives
    KME Sharpeners
    Knife Rights, Inc/National Balisong Association
    Knives Illustrated
    Knives Ranch
    Koenig Knives LLC
    Kroll International, LLC
    Krudo Knives
    L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives
    Lansky Sharpeners
    Lion Steel Knives Italy
    Loveless Knives
    Mac Coltellerie
    Mantis Knives
    Maple Knife & Tool Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Masecraft Supply
    Maserin Cutlery
    McGinnis/Cucchiara Knives
    Medford Knife & Tool
    Michael Vagnino Knives & Jon Christensen Knives
    Microtech Knives
    Midwest Knifemakers Supply
    Miller Bros Blades
    Millner-Hafner Tool Company
    MIL-TAC Knives & Tools
    Miltner Adams Company
    Minox USA/ Puma Knives
    Mission Knives
    Monkey Edge
    Mosier, David
    Moteng NA, LLC
    MR Blade
    N.B.D. Knives
    National Knife Museum, Inc
    Nemesis Knives
    New Jersey Steel Baron
    Niagara Specialty Metals, Inc.
    Nichols Damascus/Nottingham Tactical
    Ocean Master Knife
    Ontario Knife Company
    Origindia LLC
    Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp
    Painted Pony Designs
    Paragon Industries
    Pohl Force USA/GD Skulls USA
    Premium Knife Supply/Premium Manufacturing Group
    Premium Manufacturing Group
    Pro-Tech Knives, LLC
    Puma Knife Company
    Queen Cutlery Company/Schatt&Morgan Cutlery Co
    R.E. Burke Enterprises
    Rat Worx
    Raven Crest Tactical
    Razor Sharp Unlimited
    Reate Knives
    Red Horse Knife Works
    Rhineland Cutlery
    Rick Hinderer Knives
    RMJ Tactical, LLC
    Rustick Knives, LLC
    S.K. Knives, LLC/American Metal Xchange
    Santa Fe Stoneworks
    SB Specialy Metals
    Shadow Tech Knives
    Sharp by Coop Photography
    Slysteel LLC
    Smith & Sons, LLC
    Smoky Mountain Knife Works
    Sniper Bladeworks
    Solar Atmospheres
    Southern Grind
    Spartan Blades, LLC
    Special Operations Equipment
    Sport Manufacturing Group, Inc.
    Spyderco Inc
    Stanaback, Captain Chris/RKCC
    Stone River Gear LLC
    Strider Knives, Inc.
    Swiss Bianco
    Szco Supplies, Inc.
    Tandy Leather Factory
    Tango Foxtrot Knives, LLC
    Taylor Brands, LLC
    Texan Knives
    The Ultimate Knife
    Thomas, Rob Damascus
    Timberline Knives
    Triple Aught Design
    TW Brands Gear
    Universal Agencies, Inc. USA
    U.S. Gladius
    Utica Cutlery-Kutmaster
    Van Amburg Leathers
    Viper Knives
    Voyles, Bruce
    VZ Grips
    W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co
    WASP Injection Knife
    White River Knife & Tool
    Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpeners
    Wild Bill
    William F. Moran Jr. Museum & Foundation
    Wilmont Grinders, LLC
    Wilmont Knives
    Winkler Knives
    Wood Dynamics
    Work Sharp Tools
    Wuertz Machine Works
    Zombie Tools
    03 Metal Works
    A.G. Russell Knives
    A.R.S. Knives
    Abrams & Co Investments
    Abrasives Inc./Hog Brand
    Adam Unlimited
    Adams, Bill
    Admiral Steel/Terry Summers
    Aegis Knife Works
    AGA Knives
    AIK - Adams International Knifeworks
    Alaskan Fossil Ivory/Jerry Kochheiser
    Alcorn, Douglas Knives
    Alfa Knife
    Alpha Sports
    American Bladesmith Society
    American Kami/DJ Urbanovsky
    Andersen Forge
    Ankrom Exotics
    Anso, Jens
    Arduous Enterprises LLC
    Arizona Custom Knives
    Armour, Dave
    Arnold, John
    Artesanos Del Tandil
    ATA Traders
    Atlas Knife Company
    Baca, Eddie J.
    Bachley, Greg Fine Knives
    Bader, Stephen & Co
    Bagley, Keith
    Ball Custom Knives
    Barker, John
    Barnes, A.G.
    Barnett, Bruce
    Barnett, Van
    Barnlund, Cal
    Bartlow, John
    Baskett, Gene & Barbara Custom Knives
    Bastinelli Knives
    Batson, James
    Batten's Knives
    Bernard, Arno
    Big Chris Custom Knives
    Bill King Knives
    Bingenheimer, Bruce "Bing"
    Blackfeather Knives
    Blue Ridge Knives
    Bobby Wetten
    Bojtos, Arpad
    Booth, Philip
    Bose Knives
    Bouvier & Beckett
    Bradley, Dennis
    Bradley, Gayle
    Brady, Sandy
    Brainard, Dick
    Bray Oaks Forge
    Brazil Knife Show
    Breed Custom Knives
    Britton, Tim
    Broadwell, David
    Brookshear, Chris
    Browne+Pharr Knives
    Buckeye Engraving
    Buckner Knives
    Bullet Proof Blades
    Burchtree Bladeworks
    Burger Knives
    Burke, Bill
    Burnley Knives
    Burton, Charles
    Burtscher, Robert
    Buxton, Bill Knives
    Buy Brown
    Caffrey, Ed, "The Montana Bladesmith"
    Calavera Cutlery
    Caldwell, Matthew
    Caleb White Knives
    Camerer Custom Knives
    Carter Cutlery
    Cashen, Kevin R.
    Cathy's Knives
    CB Dampier Custom Knives
    Centofante Knives
    Chamblin, Joel
    Chattahoochee Cutlery Club
    Cheek, John E.
    Cherokee Knife Supply
    Chin, Jimmy
    Chinnock, Daniel
    Chow, Maj. Louis
    Churchill Leather
    Cisco Knives
    Clark David
    Clark, Jason
    Claude Bouchonville
    Clinton Knives
    Coffee, Jim
    Conley, Bob
    Cook, J.R.
    Coye, Bill
    Crawford, Wes
    C-Rex Custom Knives
    Cross, Kevin-KDC Knives
    Crowl, Pete Knives
    Culpepper & Co
    Culver Knives
    Curry Knives
    Custom Knife Factory
    Cutlery Specialties/Dennis Blaine
    Cutlery Wendling
    Daddy Barlow Knives
    Dan Peters Custom Knives
    Dan's Whetstone Company, Inc
    Dashevsky, Greg
    David Kurt Handmade Knives
    Davis, John
    Davis, Steve
    Davis, W.C. Custom Knives
    Dawson Knives
    De Santis, Lou
    Deibert, Michael
    Denton, John
    Derr Knives
    DesRosiers Knives
    DeTalente, Chad
    Deveraux, Butch Custom Knives
    Doyle Knives
    Dragon Tech Design Knives
    Draper Knives
    Dunlap, Jim
    Dunn, Steve
    Durand Raphael
    Durio, Fred
    E2 Field Gear
    EDC Knives
    Edwards, Mitch
    Eggerling, Robert
    Elsmore Custom Knives
    Farid Mehr
    Fayetteville Arms Room
    Fellhoelter Knives
    Fiddleback Forge Knives
    Fifty Fifty Productions
    Filo Bladeworks
    Fisk Knives
    Flint River Knife Club
    Florian Knives
    Fludder, Keith
    Folts Knives
    Ford Hardware Co
    Foster, Tony
    Fowler Blades
    Fowler, Ed
    Franco Custom Knifes
    Fritz, E. Knives
    Fuji Cutlery
    Funchess, Al
    Gahagan, Kyle
    Gallery Hardwoods-Larry Davis
    Gedraitis, Chuck
    Georgia Custom Knifemaker's Guild
    Giles, Jan
    Glory Blades
    Gobles Knife Exchange
    Godfrey World Wide
    Gonzalez, Pedro/Tactical Folders
    Goode, Brian
    Goss Knives and Cutlery, LLC
    Gottschalk Knives
    Green, Arthur
    Grimsmo, John Knives
    Groves Custom Knives
    Gunner Products
    Halfrich Custom Knives
    Hall, Ken
    Hanson III, Don/Sunfish Forge
    Harley Paula Nelson
    Harrington, Fred
    Haus 1,3,5
    Havoc Works
    Hawk, Grant and Gavin
    Hawkins' Custom Knives
    Hawkins Knifemaking Supplies
    Hayes Knives
    Hazen Knives, LLC
    Hege, JB Custom Knives
    Helm, James
    Hendrickson, E. Jay
    Hendrix, Wayne
    Hensley, Wayne G.
    Herron Knife Display
    Hewitt, Ronald Cotton
    Hibben Knives
    Hickory Hill Cutlery
    High Temperature Tools
    Hoback Knives
    Hoffman Blacksmithing
    Hoffman Haus Knives
    Hogstrom, Anders
    Holbrook, H.L./Holbrook Knives
    Holder, D'Alton
    Hooker Blades
    Horne, Grace
    Horrigan Custom Knives
    Hoss Knives
    Hossom, Jerry
    House, Gary-Mosaic Magic
    Howery Group LLC
    Hudson, A.B. Knives
    Hulsey, Ben
    Humphrey, Lon
    Hussar Metals
    Hutchinson, Alan
    Imel, Billy Mace
    In Memory of Kit Carson
    Irie, Mike
    Iron Wolf Works
    J.C. Provost Knives
    J.J. Custom Knives+Sheaths
    J.W. Bensinger Bladesmith
    J.W. Randall Custom Knives
    Jack Andress
    Jarrett Fleming Knives
    Jarvis, Paul
    Jernigan Knives
    Jim's Specialty Woods
    JJ Simon Metalworks
    Joel Worley Knives
    Johnson, Ken
    Johnson, R.B.
    Johnson, S.R. (Steve)
    Johnson, W.C. Bill
    Jones Knives/C & C Tactical
    Jot Singh Khalsa
    Jsig Knives
    June's Jewelry & Gifts
    Kamer, Micah
    Keeslar, Joe/Guns-Knives & Roses
    Kennedy Jr., Bill Knives
    Kennedy's Knives
    Kenneth King Custom Knives
    Kislinger Knives
    Knapp, Mark Custom Knives
    Knife & Gun Finishing Supplies
    Knife Africa
    Knife Legends-Paul Shindler
    Knife Treasures
    Knife World Magazine
    Knifeology/Matthew Lerch
    Koji Hara
    Kramer Custom Knives
    Krause, Jim Handmade Knives
    Krein Knives
    Kubasek Custom Knives
    L&L Enterprises
    Lambert, Kirby
    Landis, David
    Laurent Veronique
    Layer Watch
    Legendary Custom Knives
    Lightfoot Knives
    Lisch, David
    Lloyd, John
    Lloyd, William/Lloyd Studios
    Lonewolf, J.A.
    Loomis, F. David
    Loope Tools
    Lozier, Don
    Luckett, Bill Custom Knives
    Lunn Custom Knives
    Lurquin, Sam
    Lynch, Tad
    Lyons Den Products
    M/S Iron Man Steel
    Mace Vitale
    Magee, Jim
    Malosh, Mike
    Manaro Knives
    Manley Knives
    Mark Molner/Bob Burton
    Markman, Erik
    Martin, R.J.
    Martindale, Gary
    Massey, Roger D.
    Matsuno, Kansei
    Matsuoka, Scot
    Matsusaki & Yamamoto
    Maumasi Fire Arts
    McClure, J Knives
    McGhee, E. Scott
    MCM Innovations
    McNees, Jonathan
    Meier, Daryl
    Meshejian, Mardi
    Michael Quesenberry
    Missing Link Custom Knives
    Moen, Jerry
    Muller, George
    Muller, Jody
    Nathan Carothers
    NDM Knives
    Neely, Greg
    Nell Knives
    Newton Knives
    Newton, Larry Knives
    Nord Crown
    Noren, Douglas
    Norris, Mike Damascus
    Nowland Knives
    Nuk Knives (Netherlands)
    O'Dell Knives
    Odom, Victor L. Jr
    O'Hare Knives
    Ohta, Hiroaki
    Okleshen, Henry
    Olamic Cutlery
    O'Machearley, Michael
    Oostendorp, Toni
    Ouye, Keith
    Ox Forge/Charles Ochs
    Page, Larry
    Panchenko, Serge
    Para-Cord Venture
    Pardue Knives
    Parker, Cliff
    Patrick Kyle Kilroy
    Pease, W.D.
    Pedersen Knives
    Pendray, Al
    Perrin, Fred
    Perry, Johnny
    Peter Rassenti Knives
    Peter's Heat Treating, Inc
    Peters, J.L.
    Petersen, Dan L.
    Phoenix Abrasives
    Piergallini, Daniel
    Ploppert Custom Knives
    Podmajersky, Dietrich
    Ponzio, Doug
    Potier, Timothy
    Powell Knives
    Preferred Abrasives, Inc.
    Preston, Rusty
    Prinsloo, Theuns
    Ragsdale Knives
    Randall, Steve
    Randy Lee Knives
    Rapp, Steven
    Ray, Jerry
    Raymond, Michael
    Recon 1
    Reese, Adam
    Regel Jean-Louis
    Remer Stone Knives LLC
    Revishvili, ZaZa
    Rick Ward
    Riddle, Jerry
    Rietveld, Bertie
    RIP Custom Knives
    Ristinen, Lori Scrimshander
    Ritter, Floyd
    Riverside Machine
    Robinson, Calvin
    Rockin 'H' Cutlery
    Rockstead Knife
    Rodebaugh, James
    Rodrigo Sfreddo
    Rogers, Richard
    Root, Gary K.
    Roush, Elmer
    Rowe's Leather
    Royer, Kyle Knives
    Runyon, Gary
    Ruple, Bill
    Ruth Jr., Mike
    Ruth, Mike
    Rybar, Raymond
    S. Gallagher Knives
    Sakae Forge
    Sakmar Enterprises
    Sanders Knives
    Savidan, Thierry
    Scannapieco, James+Dawn
    Schoeman, Corrie Custom Knives
    Schutte Knives
    Schwarzer Bladesmith
    Seaton, David
    Seward Knives
    Shadetree Custom Composites
    Sharp, David/Sharpwerks
    Sharper Deal
    Shaw, Grazyna
    Shaw, Stu
    Sheep Dog Knives
    Sheffield Knifemakers Supply
    Shigeno, Mamoru
    Shining Moon
    Shirogorov Brothers Workshop
    Shosui Takeda
    Silverline Knives
    Sinbad Glue
    Skike Custom Knives
    Smith, Ralph L.
    Smitty's Design's
    Snyder, Dustin
    Solid Rock Knives
    Southard Knives, Brad
    STA Custom Knives
    Stafford Knives
    Steier Custom Knives
    Stephan, Daniel (Blue Planet Ordnance)
    Stepp, Ron Knives
    Sterling, Murray
    Stewart, Hydrick
    Stice Handmade Knives
    Sticker Knives
    Stout, Johnny Knives
    Stover, Jeff
    Suchat Custom Knives
    Sutton Custom Knives
    Swenson Knives
    Szabo Inc
    Szilaski, Joe
    Tabor, Tim
    Takefu Special Steel Co. Ltd
    Talbot, William S.
    Tamatsu, Kunihiko
    Taylor, Shane
    Terra Incognita/Jason Baldwin
    Texas Knifemakers Supply Inc.
    The Kencrest Corp.
    The Kencrest Corp.
    The Kencrest Corp.
    Thie, Brian
    Thomas Knives
    Three Circle Knives
    Ti Survival
    Tighe, Brian
    TM Hunt Custom Knives
    Tomberlin, Brion
    Toole, Bobby L.
    TOPS Knives
    Torres, Henry Custom Knives
    Tozaki, Shigeru & Yuko
    Treeman Knives
    Tri City Knife Works/Bill Hall
    Trout, George
    True Saber LTD
    Truncali Custom Knives
    Tuch Custom Knives
    Tuff Writer
    Ture North Knives
    Turnage, Charles
    Turnage, Charles
    Turnbull, Ralph
    Twin Blades
    Tyre, Mike
    UDK, LLC
    Universal Outfitters/ Full Throttle Tools
    V. Gouralnik
    Vallotton Custom Knives
    van Heerden, Andre/Thorburn Andre
    VanderMeulen Bladeworks
    Vega, Juan
    Vehement Knives LLC
    Venier Forge
    Vestal, Charles
    Vickers Custom Knives
    Vox Knives
    Watts Custom Knives
    Watts, Bennie
    Weiland, Reese
    Wenger Blades
    West, Brad
    Wheeler Knives
    Whiskers Knives
    White, Gordon
    Whittaker Knives
    Wild Boar Knife
    Williams, Michael L.
    Willumsen, Mikkel
    Wilson, R.W.
    Wilson, Stan
    WM Knives
    Wood Stabilizing Specialists Int'l
    Woods From Around the World
    Young, John
    Yurco, Mickey
    Zermeno Knives
    Zero Knives
    Zinker, Brad
    Zscherny, Mike
    Zubair Sports

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